Title: Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Genre : Young Adult Fiction

Pages : 388

Published on: February 10, 2015

My ratings: 4.5 /5 stars

Synopsis :

The story is set in a fantasy world where human beings are divided based on the colour of their blood. The “ordinary” people have red blood and those with “abilities” have silver blood. These silver-blooded are referred to as “Silvers” and are the ruling elite. Silvers severely oppress the red-blooded commoners referred to as “Reds”.

A series of events results in the discovery of a seventeen-year-old Red girl with abilities named Mare. The royal family hides the truth about her lineage and proclaims her as one of their own, a Silver accidentally raised as a Red. Oppression of the Reds leads to a rebellion (the Scarlet Rebellion) and the rise of revolutionaries, lead by Reds. The Silvers and Reds clash and the main character, Mare, is caught in between. Both sides want to use her to their advantage and she struggles internally as she tries to decide what to do to keep her family alive without completely changing and going against what she believes to be right.



My review:


This book was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed this crazy adventure of the book. Although it did take me some time to get into this world but after reading around 70 pages I just couldn’t keep it down! I have heard so much about this book and watching this one in every booktuber’s TBR list I really, really wanted to read it.

So on 1st January,2016 I saw it lying there on one of the shelves of my favourite bookstore and I had to buy it. living in Delhi, India, I don’t see many people know about international young-adult fiction novels, or maybe I have never found the right place to find my fellow YA readers but, BUT, when I saw this book inside the bookstore all my ovaries fell out of their places and they started dancing and celebrating and what not!


The world created in this book is amazing and I must say that the characters in this book are built with a lot of thought. Our main character Mare Barrow, who is red blooded, will not only make you feel powerful but also emotional. Since my first favourite character is obviously Mare, my second favourite is Julian, who is Mare’s teacher and Cal’s uncle.

His character and his role in this story is so good and the way he helps Mare is just heroic and heart touching to me.

The main thing about this book is the betrayal. When it happened, although I kind of knew it already, but it has more to it and The way the whole scene is created and built will make you want to scream.

I think the book is actually pretty good, in terms of teaching us that not everyone is your friend. My favourite line being “anyone can betray anyone” has so much meaning to it even in real life. The fact that you can trust nobody and that anyone can betray anyone when it comes to holding power or money or anything, no one will stop and give a second thought and stab you on your back! Yes people can do that if they are gaining something from it. Although, the book also has some instances showing friendship and love. The story will make you hopeful for the characters and their role in the future. I cannot stop thinking about it and I cannot stop thinking about it’s characters and everything else in this book.

I am so so glad that the sequel, Glass Sword, will be out soon here in India because I see a lot of potential in this series! And who I am kidding? I wanna know what happens next!!

So if you love young-adult fiction and if you love betrayal and power then this is the boom for you!

Happy Reading!




17 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: RED QUEEN

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed this book (and didn’t compare it to the Hunger Games, even if it’s a fair comparison). I really enjoyed the last few chapters, particularly when they were back in the arena. I was flipping the pages so fast I’m surprised they didn’t catch on fire. lol I just started Glass Sword Monday night. I think you’ll enjoy it just as much. I know I am so far!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my god, I’d be dying! Actually, I was dying while I waited for the Glass Sword release. I had run out of books to read in the meantime. lol You’ve only got 3 more weeks to go! (Positive thinking? Haha)

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