Title: The Honest Season
Author: Kota Neelima
Genre: Political Thriller
Published on: 2016
Page no. : 364
Goodreads Rating: 3.79
My ratings: 4/5


2 political rivals fighting for power, 1 journalist caught in the battle, 6 tapes secretly recorded in parliament, 1 government with a lot to hide.

Sikander Bansi, an unlikely political heir in Delhi, secretly records politicians in parliament as they haggle to become cabinet ministers, bag defence contracts, dodge criminal charges and collect corporate largesse. Among them is a rising leader of the people’s party, Nalan Malik, whose success has come through unscrupulous means.

When Sikander suddenly disappears, Mira Mouli, a newspaper journalist with an unusual gift of knowing people’s thoughts, recieves the controversial parliament tapes along with clues to find him. She’s attracted to Sikander’s principles and is wary of Nalan’s deceit. But her powers pf knowing tell her a different story, one that she can unravel only at the cost of her own life.

~Spoiler Free Review~
This is a political thriller novel where our main character Mira Mouli is a know journalist. Know Journalists are mind readers who can figure out a person’s thoughts in minutes.
Mira has to find, an unlikely political heir, Sikander, who has gone missing. He secretly recorded politicians and has left clues behind him, which only Mira can unravel but at the cost of her life.
Right from the start you know what to expect from the story. There were times when I felt so happy and satisfied and literally yelled, “YASSSS!!!”, because Mira is so powerful and so cool that sometimes I wanted to be like her. She is fearless and courageous, and now obviously one of my most favourite female characters.
I really like the way the author has depicted the characters in this book. You either love them or hate them. It’s very difficult to write in a way that the reader attatches an emotion with each character. I saw myself expecting things from the characters, hating them to the chore and wanting more for others.
Although I felt that the story kind of got lost somewhere, BUT, I honestly feel that it was necessary considering the amount of political mess which was going on, that made the book even more realistic.
I really loved how things turned out to be in the end and I overall LOVED IT!!
I would highly recommend this book. It’s dark, witty and nerve racking. I think it kind of grows on you and after you finish it, you will take 30 minutes to think about life and the current political situation. GO AHEAD AND READ IT, YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED.

Thankyou so much Writers Melon and the author for providing me with this book. It was totally worth it!

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