Title: Half a Shadow
Author: Anurag Shourie
Genre: Medical Thriller
Published on: 2016
Page no. : 226
Goodreads Rating: 3.33
My ratings: 3/5


Three deaths – a beautiful bride, a young business man, and a famous doctor.
Crime arises from its protracted slumber in Udaipur, and the city of lakes finally sheds it’s veil of tranquility.
Trapped in the heart of the mayhem, is doctor Aditya Deshmukh, a quintessential loser.
In order to redeem himself and wrench his soul free of the guilt of a murder most foul, he has to find the missing links between Abraham and Saraswati, Abhimanyu and Sumitra, Yasser Arafat and Vladimir Putin.
The body count continues to Rise as Aditya Gropes in the darkness.
Hunted by an enemy he can’t see, devoured by a love he can’t consummate, and guided by a friend he can’t trust, he is caught up in a race against time where he can’t afford to be the runner up.

~My Review~
This is a medical thriller along with mythological elements in it. The story revolves around Dr. Aditya who is an alcoholic and a loser in life, how he tries to find the connection between three deaths and unravel the mystery along with his uncle Dective Vijay.
The main aspect of the story that I personally liked was the character building Aditya throughout the story.
Mythological elements were also very interesting.
However, I sometimes felt that there was too much than needed in the story. The book was good and grabbed my attention throught but it was only after 80ish pages that I wanted to read the book and know what happens next.
Overall I would say the book is pretty good and interesting. I will recommend to anyone who is into medical thrillers. Sometimes the book caught me quiet off guard but I still feel the wow factor was missing
I recieved a review copy by writers melon   to give an honest and unbiased review.


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