The Pandavas have returned home after 13 years of exile. And they are demanding their stake in Hastinapur Inc. 

But the Kauravas, led by the haughty Duryodhana, aren’t ready to give them a penny. The battle lines are drawn, only this war is in the present-day kurukshetra – the corporate boardroom. 

As the Kauravas and the Pandavas don their sharpest suits, Krishna- the wily Consultant – strategises for peace. 

This is a humorous, modern take on the Mahabharata (with due apologies to Rishi Ved Vyas). 

An epic Story retold for the MBA generation. 

~My Review~ 

This is a retelling of an epic mythology Mahabharata but in the corporate world. 

I thoroughly enjoyed it! I think the characters did justice to the actual ones. 

It doesn’t really matter if you know everything about the epic. It’s easily understandable and builds a world of it’s own. 

The story is so gripping and interesting along with being witty and humorous! 

The book is hardly 150 pages, so It is a Very very quick read. It’s very simple and easy and will definitely help if you’re going through a reading slump! 😉 

I just personally thought that the use of some sanskrit words was unnecessary. Having said that it doesn’t really come in the way while reading. 

Also, the story is quite relatable, since it’s set in the current world, like using WhatsApp for communicating, etc. The whole idea about the book is quite unique. 

Overall, I highly enjoyed this book, giving it a 3.5/ 5 stars. I would definitely recommend it! It’s super witty and interesting and come one its a quick read! 

Thankyou so much writers melon and the author for providing me with this book to give an honest review. 



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